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Level 3 Stylist

As another stylist from Upstate, SC, Jordan fell in love with hair at a young age while going to the “beauty shop” with her grandmother. As a result of that, Jordan graduated in 2008 from the Career and Technology Center’s Cosmetology program in Anderson, SC.

She continues to stay updated with the latest color and cutting techniques, product knowledge, and color line knowledge. She specializes in formal styles, men’s haircuts, and teaching women with curly hair how to best style their hair.

Jordan loves teaching her guests how to recreate their looks at home with the right products and styling techniques.

Get To Know Jordan:

Favorite Coffee Drink: Iced Cinnamon Macchiato with Almond Milk

Places you would love to visit: Iceland, Northern Europe

Favorite Hobby: Baking

Favorite TV Show: Curse of Oak Island

Favorite Movie: Arsenic and Old Lace

Something on my Bucket List: Visit hot springs in Iceland

Favorite Soda: Ale-8

Favorite Candy: Anything Chery or Gummy

2018 Staff Superlative Winner: Most likely to survive the Hunger Games



Level 3 Stylist

Brenna is a 2012 graduate of Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology in Powdersville, SC and also a 2010 graduate of Anderson University where she earned her degree in English. She furthered her education by working as an associate alongside the owner of Silver Salon for 12 months. All of this was done while building her clientele, taking business, color, and cutting classes. Her speciality is precision color placement, men’s cutting, and creating modern yet classic styles for her guests.

Brenna is passionate about creating the ultimate salon experience and building relationships with each of her guests. She loves getting to transform the way her guests feel about themselves and their hair.

Get To Know Brenna:

Favorite Coffee Drink: Venti Iced Latte

Places you would love to visit: South America, Indonesia, Asia

Favorite Hobby: Reading, Watching True Crime Documentaries

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Movie: High Fidelity

Something on my Bucket List: Visit all the National Parks

Favorite Soda: Coca-Cola

Favorite Candy: Cherry Twizzlers

2018 Staff Superlative Winner: Most likely to have a child born addicted to Starbucks

Silver Salon Madison.jpg


Level 3 Stylist

Madison is passionate about the beauty industry and her guests. After graduating from high school, she decided to pursue a career in Cosmetology and has never looked back. She attributes her growth in skills as a stylist and becoming a better businesswoman by choosing to become a stylist at Silver Salon. A native to Upstate, SC, Madison has grown her business to become the hair stylist to people all over the Greenville, SC, Anderson, SC and Easley, SC areas.

Madison truly enjoys all facets in the hair industry. She loves everything from foiling and pixie cuts to makeup and also special event styling. Most of all, her favorite part of being a stylist is finding a style that depicts who her guest is and making them feel more confident.

Her goal is to understand exactly the look her guest is going for, teach them how to recreate the style at home, and for her guests to be in love with the look she’s created.

Get To Know Madison:

Favorite Coffee Drink: Skinny Vanilla Latte

Places you would love to visit: Scotland

Favorite Hobby: Photography

Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

Something on my Bucket List: Travel with my husband and daughter

Favorite Soda: Coke Zero

Favorite Candy: Fruit by the Foot

2018 Staff Superlative Winner: Most likely to become a Comedian

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Level 2 Stylist

Abby has always loved making people feel beautiful. A native to the Powdersville, SC area, Abby became a stylist after she has earned her Cosmetology license in 2015 through the Career and Technology Center in Anderson, SC. She then went on to become licensed as an Esthetician in 2016. As a result of exploring skincare, she realized her true passion was in the hair industry.

She considers her specialty to be rich, dimensional color from root to tip and the trendy balayage color options. She loves the transformation of what a new hair color and style can do for the confidence of her guests.

Abby has a vibrant personality and her guest love to sit in her chair!

Get To Know Abby:

Favorite Coffee Drink: Frozen Caramel Mocha

Places you would love to visit: NYC, Seattle, Bora Bora

Favorite Hobby: Hanging out with my family, fiancé and my dog Tiger

Favorite TV Show: Any baking show

Favorite Movie: Forest Gump

Something on my Bucket List: Visit Bora Bora

Favorite Soda: Diet Coke

2018 Staff Superlative Winner: Most Likely to Become a Reality TV Star

Silver Salon Marissa.jpg


Level 1 Stylist

Marissa is from the Easley, SC/Powdersville area and studied cosmetology at the Anderson District 1 and 2 Career Center. She graduated in 2015 and has also done an array of classes including Men’s haircuts and It Cosmetics.

Something that sets Marissa apart is her ability to genuinely listen and comprehend the exact likes and dislikes of her guests. She strives to do everything in her power to make sure they fall in love with their hair and to stay in love with their hair long after their visit to Silver Salon.

Marissa’s goal with every guest is to make sure they feel more beautiful, confident and 100% satisfied with their hair after every appointment.

Marissa’s specialties are highlights, special occasion hair and makeup, balayage and mens haircuts.

Get To Know Marissa:

Favorite Coffee Drink: Hazelnut Macchiato

Places you would love to visit: Dublin, Ireland and New York City

Favorite Hobby: Kayaking

Favorite TV Show: Lethal Weapon

Favorite Movie: Divergent Series

Something on my Bucket List: Skydiving

Favorite Soda: Pepsi Wild Cherry

Favorite Candy: Hot Tamales

2018 Staff Superlative Winner: Most Flexible in any situation


Level 1Stylist

In 2013, Lindsey graduated from the Academy of Hair Technology in Greenville, SC. She has been a stylist since 2014 and joined the Silver Salon team in 2018.

Lindsey loves learning new techniques and trends while developing meaningful relationships with our guests.

Her speciality is dimensional color including balayage and highlights. She values her guests and takes great pride in delivering a new hairstyle in a timely manner.

Get To Know Lindsey:

Favorite Coffee Drink: White Mocha

Places you would love to visit: Montana

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with my husband and family

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight

Something on my Bucket List: Travel with my husband

Favorite Soda: Cherry Coke

Favorite Candy: Skittles or Reese’s

2018 Staff Superlative Winner: The Fashionista (Lindsey is always dressed in the latest styles!)



Associate Stylist

Jenna is a graduate from the Career and Technology Center’s Cosmetology program in Anderson, SC. She came to Silver Salon as an Associate and is currently learning skills, technique, leadership and Silver Salon culture during her time in this position. She is focused on learning as much as she can and is currently working with 3 different stylists each week.

Her warm personality and her “can do” attitude make her a delight to her guests and to the team.

Get To Know Jenna:

Favorite Coffee Drink: Not a coffee fan, but do Cake Pops count?

Places you would love to visit: Rio De Janeiro

Favorite Hobby: Reading, Shopping and Netflix

Favorite TV Show: Young and Hungry

Favorite Movie: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Something on my Bucket List: Visit the Australia Zoo

Favorite Soda: Coke

Favorite Candy: Snickers

2018 Staff Superlative Winner: Quietest Mouse Award: Most Quiet



Associate Stylist

Elisabeth genuinely loves making people feel beautiful. The relationships she develops with her clients gives her the opportunity to utilize her creative skills and speak to the beauty and potential of her guests. She just joined the Silver Salon team in 2019 and is excited to build new relationships.

Get To Know Elisabeth:

- Favorite Coffee Drink: Iced Soy Milk Latte

- Places you would love to visit: Spain, Ireland, and Iceland

- Favorite Hobby: Reading and Yoga

- Favorite TV Show: Reign

- Favorite Movie: Phantom of the Opera

- Something on my Bucket List: Travel to Japan

- Favorite Soda: Ginger Ale

- Favorite Candy: Anything Sour



Co Owner/ Level 4 Stylist

A native to Upstate, SC Erin has always had a passion to be in the beauty industry. As a result, Erin became a stylist in 2005 after she graduated from the Career and Technology Center’s Cosmetology program in Anderson, SC. She went on to earn her Bachelors degree in Business Management from Anderson University in 2009 which has all helped her along her journey to become a salon owner.

She and her husband, Evan, opened Silver Salon in 2012 and have loved the opportunity of running their business together.

Her specialty is in rich, multidimensional shades (such as balayage) for a natural dimensional look that can also bring out your wild side with contemporary and edgy cuts and styles.

Erin’s ultimate goal is to enhance every guest with his or her natural beauty, but personalize and make it unique to each guest.

Get To Know Erin:

Favorite Coffee Drink: Skinny Vanilla Latte (Extra Hot)

Places you would love to visit: Europe

Favorite TV Show: This is Us

Favorite Movie: Instant Family

Something on my Bucket List: Road trip down the coast of California

Favorite Soda: Coke Zero Cherry

Favorite Candy: Reese’s Cup or Butterfinger

2018 Staff Superlative Winner: Most Likely to Find a Reason to Celebrate



Co Owner

Evan was born and raised in Powdersville, SC. He started his career as a musician in 2005, which later prepared him for his role at Newspring Church. He thrives around other people and being a positive influence and teammate. He, along with Erin, decided that his next step was to come alongside Erin and help run the Salon Company. He began this next chapter in September 2018.

You will see Evan at the front desk, creating conversations with guests in the salon, and helping to make the their experience the best it can be. If you need anything or have any feedback, you can reach him directly at or his cell phone at 864.607.3906.

Get To Know Evan:

Favorite Coffee Drink: Black Coffee

Places you would love to visit: Greece

Favorite Hobby: Fishing

Favorite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas

Something on my Bucket List: Fishing on lake Okeechobee

Favorite Soda: Coke Zero Vanilla

Favorite Candy: White Chocolate Kit Kat