What is balayage?

Balayage (pronounced bah-lay-aush) is the evolution of an old French hair coloring method where the color is painted directly to the hair without the use of foils. It allows us ultimate freedom to customize color, eliminate streaky lines and creates the softest regrowth possible. Balayage makes the hair colors melt together more effortlessly. It mimics the natural hues you would see in a child’s hair during the summer. Balayage is definitely the most current and artistic approach to applying color in the world today. Because color isn’t applied directly to the base of your hair, we are truly able to respect the maintenance schedule of each guest whether it’s 4 weeks or 4 months. No matter the duration between appointments, you and your hair will look beautiful because of this hair color method.

What happens if I want to try another stylist within the salon?

We have an “open chair” policy at Silver Salon. Many guest hop around and see different stylists. Sometimes it just works best with their schedule to see another stylist, and some prefer having various members of our team do their hair. Whatever the case, our goal is to help change the way you feel about yourself, not just do hair and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you’ll want to come back.

How do I choose the right stylist for me when I’m a new guest?

We have a range of talent and price at our salon. The best thing to do when scheduling a reservation is to let our front desk team know what you’re looking for in a stylist and what your beauty budget is so they can match you with the best choice. It’s always a good idea to look around while you’re there and see the kind of work the other stylists are doing. Our stylists are all very talented, but our personalities and styles are very different. Whatever you think will suit you best; personality, fashion sense or even just the ability to get you in and out quickly, our team would love to get to know you and help you look and feel more beautiful; inside and out.

What are your prices?

Prices of services vary by each stylist. The price of a service by a stylist is solely based on availability and not on skill. If you have a particular style in mind, feel free to call (864.220.4979) or email the salon to help you choose which stylist is best for you at the right price.

Why are products so important?

Each team member at Silver Salon is a style expert and specialize in helping you look your best. In order to help you look and feel your best based on your hair texture and styling requests (such as extra volume, shine, manageability, definition, color preserving, no frizz, holding power, etc.) we have to use professional products. On average, you will shampoo, condition, blow dry, flat iron or curl your hair 30-50 times before we see you again at our salon. What you do to your hair during that time will either support or deteriorate the haircut and/or color you just received in the salon. Your home regimen greatly dictates the performance and longevity of your style. Everyone deserves a great shampoo, conditioner and one support product to control the hair. Most people go at least 2 months before they need anything again so that’s really only a few times a year that you’ll need to buy your product(s). Redken, L’oreal Professionnel, Pureology, and L’anza are our products of choice. There is a wide range of products and price ranges to choose from at our salon and our team can help you choose what’s best for your hair.

What sets Silver Salon apart from other salons?

What sets our salon apart is a genuine care for you and your hair. It is our passion to help make each guest feel better about themselves...not just do hair. We connect with each of our guests and genuinely want to serve you. Our hope is that your experience from beginning to end is exceptional. We also have a deep concern about the integrity and health of your hair. We will tailor each style, color, and product recommendations to suit each individual. The guests are the stars, not the stylists. Last but not least, we have an “open chair” policy. We encourage our guests to try other stylists within the salon to find the one they match up with the best. Many guest make reservations with whoever is available which makes it more convenient for them. We share everything about our work with each other which proves to make us better as a team for our guest experience.








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