Are You Ready For A Change?

As stylists, we often hear y’all say “I’m just ready to chop it all off!” We know the feeling of wanting to change up your look in a big way. So we normally ask a series of questions to make sure that you are, in fact, ready to go for the big “chop”. But for those of you that want a drastic change but will definitely regret cutting away inches and inches of your hair…we thought we’d suggest some of our favorite ways to jazz up your hairstyle during your next reservation at Silver Salon!

Opt For A Fringe

We are still seeing TONS of beautiful fringe hairstyles this season! From curtain fringe, babydoll bangs, a side swept fringe or even some 90’s wispy bangs, they all will drastically change your look without cutting off any length. Celebrities all OVER the place are rocking these looks and we totally get why! If you’re unsure which style would suit you best, your stylist can help to determine which fringe will look great on you based on your face shape and current hair style.

Opt For Some Color

Are you a blonde? Try doing a root shadow and a deeper glaze for the season!

Are you a brunette? Try some caramel or copper balayage!

Are you a natural red head? Add some highlights for some sparkle and contrast!

Are you a natural silver? Try some pink glampoo!

Adding color is a GREAT way to change up your look without changing up the length. And with methods like balayage and root shadow (and even easier wash out pink glampoo), these styles require a VERY low level of commitment for any sort of color upkeep.

Opt For The Opposite

It’s amazing the difference it makes when you change up how you style your hair! If your “go to” look is down and straight, try curling it away from your face for a while and you’ll see yourself in a new way! If your standard is curling your hair everyday, try wearing it straight for a while and see if you love the difference! Your stylist can help teach you how to do your hair differently during a Styling Lesson and can even recommend the best products for your hair type.

Opt For Some Pampering

It may be that you don’t need a big change in hairstyle to feel differently. Maybe you just need a little time with us at the salon to help you feel a little more confident and beautiful. We LOVE having you come in to get pampered! We are now offering a scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment, or a brow service or eyelash treatment that you can add on to any existing (or soon-to-be-scheduled) reservation. And as always, we’ll greet you at the desk with a beverage of your choosing.

If there is ANYTHING we can ever do to serve you better while you’re at Silver Salon, please know we’ll do whatever we can to create the most enjoyable experience possible for you! At the end of the day, our goal is for you to leave our salon feeling better about yourself, not just do your hair. Our team loves having you as our guest and we can’t wait to see you at Silver Salon soon!