How To Beat The Summer Humidity

We’re officially in that part of summer where all you do is walk outside and start sweating. And all this humidity can ruin a perfectly done hairstyle.

But not to fear! We’ve put together a list of the BEST products to help you beat the heat and keep your locks looking gorgeous all summer long.

Summer Product Must Haves

We carry a wide range of shampoos and conditioners in our salon because their formulas are designed to suit specific hair types. Whether you need more moisture to help tame your curls, a little purple shampoo to keep your cool blonde cool, or a duo that will give your hair more volume, we’ve got it all. So before you style your hair, it’s important that your shampoo and conditioner work all of their magic to make sure your hairstyle is that much more perfect.

We’re going to also break down our favorite summer products based on these hair types as well (Curly/Wavy, Summer Blonde & Extra Volume)! You can jump down below to find yours!

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For Curly & Wavy Hair

If you’ve got any kind of wave to your hair, you know it’s that much harder to keep your hair styled on this hot summer days. So our best recommendation to you is to just embrace it! Curly or wavy hair can often go days in between washing, but whenever you do, it’s important to follow these steps and use products that will help keep your hair beautiful for days. Pretty curly/wavy hair starts by using the right products in the shower to lock in moisture and tame the frizz. To make sure your style is still chic and not unruly, here’s some recommended steps and products.

Gently wash your hair with Frizz Dismiss Shampoo to properly clean the scalp. Follow that by conditioning your hair with the newly formulated Frizz Dismiss Conditioner. If you’d like to #treatyoself, we love Redken's All Soft MegaMask (deep conditioner) that you can use whenever your hair needs an extra boost of moisture. Once you’re out of the shower, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel. This will help prevent some frizz while drying. Using your fingers or a wide tooth comb, gently separate your hair and add some L’Oreal Professionnel 10-In-1 Spray for some added protection and moisture. Depending on the look you’re going for for the day, you can add some Redken No Blow Dry and you’re done for the day - OR - you can let your hair air dry and then go back in to add some curls on top and around for your face for a more sophisticated look. Finish it off with a little TripleTake 32 hairspray for some added volume, hold, and of course, 24 hour humidity protection.

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For Summer Blonde Hair

Blondes (or balayaged blondes) know that in addition to fighting the humidity during the summer, you’ve also got to fight off the sun from damaging your perfect golden locks! Here are our most loved and recommended styling methods for blondes this summer.

Start by using some Redken Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner to tame down any brassiness. Once you’re out of the shower, apply some Redken Glow Dry Oil all over to damp hair to protect your hair from the sun. If you’re planning to be outdoors all day, we’d recommend wearing your hair up or under a hat for some added protection. Style your hair as usual, but make sure you finish it with Control Addict 28 for some mega-lasting hold.

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For That Extra Volume Hair

If you’re tired of having your hair done just right only to walk outside and it flops to your head, we’ve got some products you’ll LOVE!

As always, it starts with the right shampoo and conditioner. We recommend L'oreal Professionnel Volumetry Line or Redken's High Rise Collection. These products are color safe and start giving your hair some lift straight from the shower. After combing through your wet hair, add some Redken Aerate 08 at the base of your hair along the scalp. Adding this mousse at the base before you style it will give your hair PLENTY of volume when you style it. Dry your hair as usual and you’ll notice how much more volume you have already! If you’re going to be using a curling iron or straightener, you will be amazed at the difference in your hair when you add Redken's Fashion Works 12 which is a versatile working spray before you curl. It gives your hair so much texture and locks in the style for hours, regardless of the temperature outside!

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Need More Product?

If you’re running low on any of your salon products, NOW is the best time to get some! Buy any three full size products at Silver Salon this month and you’ll get a free wet brush (valued at $16). Pick some up during your next reservation or stop by anytime we're open! You know we love seeing you 😉