Beachy Waves & Mermaid Hair - Summer Hair Trends & Products You'll Need

Summertime is finally here and already we’re feeling the humidity in the South!

But have no fear…we have all the styles and products perfect for you to look your best during the hottest part of the year.

Beach Waves

For years, people assumed you had to have long hair to achieve some gorgeous beachy waves, but that is no longer the case! You can embrace your natural wave regardless of your hair length. The best way to get this look is to apply Redken No Blow Dry to wet hair and let your hair naturally air dry. Then when your hair is no longer wet to the touch, grab a curling iron and curl a few pieces around the top of your head in both directions. Tousle with a little Redken Finishing Spray for some texture and voila! THIS is a really great tutorial to show you how to achieve this exact look - OR - you can make a reservation with us and we’ll show you how to do this to your hair in person!

Top Knots

There are so many beautiful ways to style a top knot these days. From a pretty ballerina style bun with a silk scarf to a messy half up version. It’s a great way to keep little flyaways in check and gives your whole look that casual, summery look. Using some Redken Velvet Gelatine or L’Oreal Pro Volume Envy Extra will help to give your hair some texture and volume while you style it. If you want to opt for a more breezy look, pull some small strands of hair around your face and ears.

Go A Little Blonde(r)

We’ll sing the praises of balayage and the magic of it all is until the end of time!!! It is SO easy to maintain (as in - go months between color appointments) and we’ll forever love how pretty it looks on every single hair cut or color. Even just by adding a few strands of balayage around your face will give you some major summer vibes. Gold toned blonde is what’s in the most this season and we love how it gives that glowy summer look.

Mermaid Hair

If you don’t just want to look like you’ve been at the beach, but you’d rather look like you LIVE in the ocean, we’ve got some options for you, too! We’ve been getting to do a lot of vibrant colors on our guests at the salon for some time now! Whether you want some all over blue/green/purple toned hair, a pop of color to show off your inner mermaid, or maybe just a temporary blush “glampoo” that washes out after a few washes, we can do it all!

If you love any of these looks, call the salon or book a reservation with us online! We offer everything from hair lessons (yep - we can show you how to do a perfect topknot!) to a full on balayage and blowout!