Lazy (But Beautiful) Hairstyles For Summer

We told y’all at the beginning of the year that one of the most popular looks for 2019 is the “I woke up like this” hairstyle. And there isn’t a better time to try these effortless looking hairstyles than summertime. These looks are so easy we’re calling them lazy!

Living in South Carolina, we all know the struggle of the summer humidity. But all of these hairstyles won’t be affected by it! Some of them actually look better because of it! With the right hair product (which your stylist would LOVE to help you find the right one for your hair type) or a cute accessory, you’ll be sure to get that that effortless summer look!

A Lazy Low Bun

Y’all know we love the look of a messy top knot, but there is something so chic about a low bun. Whether you’re headed out to a day at the park with the kids or you’re dressing up for a night on the town, this hairstyle looks great for both when paired with the right accessories. Even with short(ish) hair IS possible! We love this tutorial (video at the bottom) for a more fancy (but still easy) low bun look and we love this tutorial for an easier, more messy look!

Air Dried Hair

You’ve heard us talk to no end about beach waves (because they’re beautiful and easy and are like the epitome of pretty summer hair…okay?!) and the best way to achieve that mermaid look is to let your hair air dry. After washing your hair, you’ll add some of your stylist recommended product (like Redken No Blow Dry or Velvet Gelatine) and let oxygen do it’s thing! You may want to scrunch your hair up a time or two while it dries to encourage some more waves, but that’s it! If you want a more polished look, you can pull your fringe into a tiny topknot, add a scarf headband or even curl some pieces just around your face.

Add An Accessory

Accessories are the EASIEST way to glam up a simple look. Ponytails and bobby pins might do a lot of the “up do” work, but there are so many pretty and affordable hair accessories out there these days! Gold clips for spicing up your ponytail adding a silk scarf to a bun, or even just a pretty scrunchie for your half up look, they all add some visual interest and fun to your hairstyle with little to no effort whatsoever!

PS - Do y’all remember those colorful butterfly clips from the 90’s?! Well…they’re coming back! And no, we’re not kidding.

Regardless of the look you’re going for this summer, finding the right styling product is KEY. So next time you’re at Silver Salon (or just go ahead and make a reservation right here), make sure you talk with your stylist about which ones are right for your hair type. We have something perfect for everyone, and if you' don’t love it, you can bring it back - no questions asked.

So here’s to slower mornings, plenty of watermelon, afternoons by the pool, colorful sunsets, lake days and grilling out. Summer is such a fun time of year and we hope these lazy hairstyles help you make a little more of it.